Monday, February 22, 2010

groupie Story #98 (meeting Julian) cont. cont.

The second show in November 2009 , i decided to be a cool mom and take my 12 yr old daughter to see Jules . She too was infatuated with him and his rock star persona . After the show my friend decided to wait because like a lioness she wanted to feed her 9 yr old son his wish . His wish to meet Julian . By chance we parked behind the venue , behind the actual door in which the band and roadies came out of. We were there for like an hour or two after the show . It felt like a case of cabin fever but we weren't alone or secluded from the world. We were just standing in a cold parking lot. We were getting delusional, every time a man passes by we assumed it was him on the street walking , crossing , driving or smoking but none were him. We crossed the street like a bunch of nuts , just because we see a guy with an hat. (when has Julian ever worn a hat). As we walk back to parking lot i was ready to give in , to quit this escapade of being a groupie. I checked one last time at door and he was there. Omg he was there ! I couldn't control myself , I yelled back to my daughter,my friend and her son. "he's there" , I turned and said the first thing i could think of to convince him to come here to me . " Julian , please come i have a 12 yr old." It worked ! He was awesome, I was pleasantly surprised of his gratitude and his charmed .I instantly had to touch him but not in a creepy way. I guess to prove he was just another human being. I asked to shake his hand and to my surprise it was the softest i ever felt. It kind of stun for a bit.(why would he have nice hands and how?) Nevertheless , we were trying to have a conversation with him but from what I remember we talked about baby names(Jules was about to be a first time father ) . Phrases were coming out like "i named my daughter after medication" and " Lightening if it's a girl". I readily grabbed a camera , i needed the proof. Prove to whom?, it didn't matter. Maybe proof to myself , that we did it! an eight year journey was at it's end. Despite the ridiculous vocabulary that was spewing out of all of us, it was just great . The greatest 10 mins. of that year 2009. I felt accomplished , that i was closing a chapter to my favorite book. We went home that night still in awe! That night i slept with a smile on my face,but that morning i woke up and felt what?

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