Friday, February 19, 2010

Groupie Story #98

I have loved bands for a very long time, ever since my father forced me to listen to The Beatles at the ripe age of five years old. Which i thank him for it now. I am not typical groupie that is often shown on t.v or movies ... I don't try to sleep with lead singers or try to make cast of their members. I am not Penny Lane from "almost famous". I am like you .. music is just part of my hum drum life. It makes it all better and allows me to live vicariously through the musicians.. They are my could of , would of ,should of life I will never have. And with that I begin to tell you my tales of being a "real" groupie .

Most recently i have obsessed over Julian Casablancas, the front man of "The Strokes". I love, OK I lust him for many of good years , OK like eight years. I easily get obsessed , i facebook, myspace, oh even twitter ... twitter when about year ago i swore off the computer world. So Julian had that power , the power to change my beliefs. to be cont....