Monday, February 22, 2010

Groupie Story #98 (meeting Julian) cont.

Jules all started eight years when a fellow co worker try to convince me to listen to The Strokes. I, being an indie girl was refusing his request. He eventually broke me down and I listened to "this is it" The Strokes first album. When the first song started and Julian's deep and raspy voice came on , the battle was done , the war was over. I fell for a mainstream band. I continued to be a fan and through the years it got worse and worse . My need to be near him or hear him live was growing , it was fine at first to sit in regular seats at the Greek 11/02/02 , then i shelled out $150 for floor seats at the Gibson 6/12/04 ......... and then this last year he dediced to go solo and played four dates at the Palace and yes i attended three of those dates. It wasn't enough just see or hear him live anymore ,,, It was time to meet him... to be cont.

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