Monday, February 22, 2010

groupie Story #98 (meeting Julian) cont. cont.

The second show in November 2009 , i decided to be a cool mom and take my 12 yr old daughter to see Jules . She too was infatuated with him and his rock star persona . After the show my friend decided to wait because like a lioness she wanted to feed her 9 yr old son his wish . His wish to meet Julian . By chance we parked behind the venue , behind the actual door in which the band and roadies came out of. We were there for like an hour or two after the show . It felt like a case of cabin fever but we weren't alone or secluded from the world. We were just standing in a cold parking lot. We were getting delusional, every time a man passes by we assumed it was him on the street walking , crossing , driving or smoking but none were him. We crossed the street like a bunch of nuts , just because we see a guy with an hat. (when has Julian ever worn a hat). As we walk back to parking lot i was ready to give in , to quit this escapade of being a groupie. I checked one last time at door and he was there. Omg he was there ! I couldn't control myself , I yelled back to my daughter,my friend and her son. "he's there" , I turned and said the first thing i could think of to convince him to come here to me . " Julian , please come i have a 12 yr old." It worked ! He was awesome, I was pleasantly surprised of his gratitude and his charmed .I instantly had to touch him but not in a creepy way. I guess to prove he was just another human being. I asked to shake his hand and to my surprise it was the softest i ever felt. It kind of stun for a bit.(why would he have nice hands and how?) Nevertheless , we were trying to have a conversation with him but from what I remember we talked about baby names(Jules was about to be a first time father ) . Phrases were coming out like "i named my daughter after medication" and " Lightening if it's a girl". I readily grabbed a camera , i needed the proof. Prove to whom?, it didn't matter. Maybe proof to myself , that we did it! an eight year journey was at it's end. Despite the ridiculous vocabulary that was spewing out of all of us, it was just great . The greatest 10 mins. of that year 2009. I felt accomplished , that i was closing a chapter to my favorite book. We went home that night still in awe! That night i slept with a smile on my face,but that morning i woke up and felt what?

Groupie Story #98 (meeting Julian) cont.

Jules all started eight years when a fellow co worker try to convince me to listen to The Strokes. I, being an indie girl was refusing his request. He eventually broke me down and I listened to "this is it" The Strokes first album. When the first song started and Julian's deep and raspy voice came on , the battle was done , the war was over. I fell for a mainstream band. I continued to be a fan and through the years it got worse and worse . My need to be near him or hear him live was growing , it was fine at first to sit in regular seats at the Greek 11/02/02 , then i shelled out $150 for floor seats at the Gibson 6/12/04 ......... and then this last year he dediced to go solo and played four dates at the Palace and yes i attended three of those dates. It wasn't enough just see or hear him live anymore ,,, It was time to meet him... to be cont.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Groupie Story #98

I have loved bands for a very long time, ever since my father forced me to listen to The Beatles at the ripe age of five years old. Which i thank him for it now. I am not typical groupie that is often shown on t.v or movies ... I don't try to sleep with lead singers or try to make cast of their members. I am not Penny Lane from "almost famous". I am like you .. music is just part of my hum drum life. It makes it all better and allows me to live vicariously through the musicians.. They are my could of , would of ,should of life I will never have. And with that I begin to tell you my tales of being a "real" groupie .

Most recently i have obsessed over Julian Casablancas, the front man of "The Strokes". I love, OK I lust him for many of good years , OK like eight years. I easily get obsessed , i facebook, myspace, oh even twitter ... twitter when about year ago i swore off the computer world. So Julian had that power , the power to change my beliefs. to be cont....