Wednesday, March 17, 2010

groupie story #99 (meeting Julian again or the disaster)

If you read my last entry, then you know I met my Jules. Well obsession is hell of a drug. My friend and I decided to attend his last show here in L.A. . It was a November night and real chilly to the point that you able to see the air from our mouths . We parked in the same parking lot we met him the last time. We showed up early , well for one to see if we can get tickets since we didn't buy in advance and for #2 just in case we see him again. We were right ,he just finished sound check and he was playing soccer in the alley with a band mate. He was in white tank and seemed like any other Joe in the street. My accomplice drank before we left to the show and her crazy ass decided that she needed to pee . Pee bad , you know the kind of pee like when a bar closes at 2am and you are stuck wandering looking for your car. She wasn't in the right state of mind , because if she was ,we would have looked for a restroom instead. Of course she went behind the cars. I saw him and i was way to nervous to speak up! Since my friend had some liquid courage , i made her my ambassador . Oh what a mistake .... word vomit came from her mouth. " i stop here to pee in the parking lot but shit I didn't think i would run into you" i was in shock , how can i save this monstrosity of meeting Jules. It got worse ..."why are you using a pussy ball like that" Well that was the truth his ball was for dwarfs , a soccer ball even to small for my daughter to use. His band mate looked hurt , like if we just popped his shiny red balloon. The band mate did not like my pee friend , he started to say how rude and uncool she was being. I tried my hardest to say something but all i can spew was " hey can we get pit tickets " and " do you remember us"Jesus fucking Christ . At least Jules was trying to make some jokes about peeing in a parking lot , i knew then he was still just as charming. Although he did not remember us at all , and that's when my red balloon just burst....Till this day i wish it went a little different but hey what will be, will be

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